Presbyopia is a reduced ability of the eye’s natural lens to focus at near.  This occurs naturally with increasing age and is mostly noticed as we enter our mid-40s.  Near vision becomes more blurred and we hold material further away to read it.  Soon afterwards we may need to start using reading glasses.

Patients that undergo cataract surgery with a monofocal lens implant also need to use reading glasses to see clearly at near distances.  This dependance on reading glasses may be reduced by opting for a multifocal lens implant at the time of initial surgery.

The most appropriate treatment option for each individual will depend on several factors.  These include your exact spectacle prescription, the precise clinical examination findings, your age, your job and hobbies, if you have any other eye conditions, and other issues that will be discussed at your consultation.

In principle, treatment options will include:

Refractive lens exchange with a choice of lens implant options