Myopia / Hyperopia / Astigmatism

The most appropriate treatment option for each individual will depend on several factors.  These include your exact spectacle prescription, the precise clinical examination findings, your age, your job and hobbies, if you have any other eye conditions, and other issues that will be discussed at your consultation.


Myopia is when the nearsighted eye is too long and light is focused in front of the retina. This condition is called Myopia.

alt : Myopia


Hyperopia is when the farsighted eye is too short and light is focused behind the retina. This condition is called Hyperopia.

alt : Hyperopia


Astigmatism occurs when the curve of the cornea is exaggerated so that it looks more like a rugby ball than a football. This produces multiple points of light focus and results in a blurred image.

alt : Astigmatism
In principle, treatment options will include:


      1. Laser vision correction
      2. ICL Phakic Lens implant 
      3. Refractive lens exchange with a choice of lens implant options